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Club Smash HK

Connecting the world of Badminton 

with the Global Community in Hong Kong

Our vision is to inspire, promote and develop a strong community for badminton players living in Hong Kong. To provide a safe and competitive environment for the ex-pat badminton community where they can freely join games, meet like-minded badminton enthusiasts, and enjoy friendly competitions within the club. 

To continually promote both badminton and personal excellence for each athlete and a life-long love of the game in a caring, respectful and supportive environment. We believe badminton is more than just a game, with Club Smash Hong Kong, it is a life experience.

Our goal is not only to organize weekly badminton games but to also support the community through means of coaching, training, and organizing badminton tournaments to help our members grow and develop as athletes. We want to unify the ex-pat community to grow the sport of badminton at all levels in Hong Kong and to elevate the sport for more people to enjoy.

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