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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about Club Smash Hong Kong

How do you join the club?

We conduct try-out games for prospective members. Our try-out games are usually organized during our weekend bookings. If you would like to schedule a try-out, please contact the organizer on Whatsapp or via email.

How often do you organize games?

Our game schedule is all dependent on the available courts booked by the club. The game schedules are accessible only to club members, members can book their spot 1 week in advance and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

When and what time do you usually play?

Our club only books evening games starting from 8 pm onwards. Oftentimes, our games booking will be from 8-10 pm or 9-11 pm. Please contact us for more details about our game schedule.

How much do you charge for a game?

For a 2-hour game, our game fee is HKD $90 HKD. Our game fee covers the court booking and the shuttles provided during the game.

How often do you book games in a week?

On average our club hosts around 3-4 sessions per week. The club also tries to book multiple sessions within a day. Our club sessions are all dependent on the total number of courts we can book on that given week.

Penalties for missed games and cancellation

For any last-minute cancellation, our club will ask members to pay a penalty fee. We encourage players to cancel their booking 3 days prior to game day to avoid any penalty fees.

Badminton skill levels within the club

Our club focuses on Intermediate Plus to Advance level players.

Inter +: Good grasp of all skills including backhand, trick shots, and footwork. Perfect sense of doubles positioning.

Advanced: Players who regularly take part in local competitions and have had a high degree of success.

Is there player ranking within the club?

Yes, our club has its own ranking system that tracks our member's progress in-game sessions. We do this to instill a higher level of competitiveness within the club and encourage our members to track their progress through data and statistics.

How is the membership decision made?

After a guest player plays in their try-out game, the membership committee will review the player's game. Once the committee has made its decision, the club will inform the player of their application result.

What brand of shuttles do you use?

For our club standards, we use RSL Ultimate badminton shuttles.

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